Dear Women: Are We Being Brainwashed?

3 steps for bulletproofing your mind against sexist societal messaging

Photo by Samuel Dixon on Unsplash

1. Journal

Each morning I journal. I first write down 3 things I am grateful for. On bad days, they’ve been things like: (1) being alive; (2) having a roof over my head; (3) having a job. I also note any coincidences or other meaningful experiences from the day before. And I write down a big goal I want to achieve, and action steps to achieve it. If I’m feeling strong, I’ll write about something I messed up on the day before, and how I might improve. Stuff like: stop eating big bowls of cereal before bed. Or: no more tequila and soda at night.

2. Do something scary

We’ve all heard that we should step outside our comfort zone. That this is where growth takes place. It’s true.

3. Become an expert

You’ve probably heard that competence leads to confidence. It’s true. At least for me.

I like writing stuff. Mostly about personal development and gender equality. My opinions are my own.

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